Botox After Care Tips

  • After a Botox treatment it is normal to have heaviness and unevenness for up to two weeks, until it settles.
  • If I tell you that you need a certain dose of Botox, you may still need to come back for a bit more 2 weeks later after we see how it's settled. I'd rather start with less and then add later.
  • Botox is a quick 15 minute appointment.
  • Botox lasts 3-4 months. I always tell my clients to come back before they've hit baseline because that way we are tweaking instead of starting over. This way your Botox will last longer and you'll need less of a dose each time.
  • Since Botox lasts approximately 3-4 months, if you are at the 6 week mark, that means you're 50% of the way through your treatment. So if you're movement or wrinkles are 50% of the way back to normal that is expected! I recommend coming back at this time to knock out those wrinkles again!

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