What is the mini plump for lips

The Mini Plump for Lips is up to 0.5 cc's of an injectable dermal filler made from Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. This soft filler looks and feels soft and natural. We customize all of our Mini Plump for Lips to each person's needs, but most clients end up using the entire 0.5 cc's.

How much does the mini plump for lips cost?

The Mini Plump for Lips is $350 Revanesse Versa Plus or Juvaderm

How long does it last?

The Hyaluronic Acid used for the Mini Plump for Lips will be broken down naturally and metabolized by your body, and the length it lasts depends on how your own body metabolizes the product. On average, the Mini Plump for Lips usually lasts 3-4 months. Many of our clients like to plump their lips gradually and subtly, and build on their Mini Plump for Lips every few months!

How long does the appointment take?

The Mini Plump for Lips takes about 30 minutes, including about 10 minutes of numbing before you are treated. Your time is precious- we don't want to waste it!

Does the procedure hurt?

Worried about pain? We use a prescription strength numbing cream that we will apply 10-15 minutes before you are injected, which will get you nice and numb before your treatment!

What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

To minimize your chances of bruising, we recommend avoiding ibuprofen and blood-thinning medications for 3 days before your injections. If you are prone to cold sores, you may want to start a course of antiviral treatment. See our section on pre and post instructions for further information.

Is there any downtime or recovery after this treatment?

Everyone is different - we have some clients who walk out after having their lips injected with ready-to-go-fabulous-lips ... while others tend to bruise and swell. It really depends on your own body chemistry and individual physiology! Most people do swell a bit ... usually the morning after your injections is when you are going to have the most swelling. DON'T PANIC. Swelling is normal and is actually supposed to happen! The Hyaluronic Acid fillers that we use in your lips are water-loving, which is what makes them so plump and perfect, so it's totally normal for your lips to be more swollen in the morning. Typically, you will be a little swollen for a few days, up to a week after your injections. It will be something that you will notice, but most other people won't. A week after your injections you will really be able to see what your perfect pout looks like. People who are prone to bruising may notice bruising on or around the lips after injections. Stay hydrated, avoid Ibuprofen before your appointment, and start a course of Arnica Montana (a homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling) which is available at Sakura Skin or on Amazon or health food stores.

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