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NEW - XEOMIN $10/unit* EVERYDAY at Sakura Skin

Prevent wrinkles before they form


What is tox? Tox is short for neurotoxin. There are many types of neurotoxin on the market. You may have heard of Botox, Xeomin is another FDA-approved neurotoxin. Toxins relax your facial muscles and targeting the right muscles relieves creasing in skin, helping to slow wrinkle progression and aid skin structure without altering your natural appearance. Results can last up to 3-4 months. With a strong empirical backing, each wrinkle relaxer we use comes well-researched and proven to keep lines fewer and finer over the long term. Xeomin is safe and convenient.

Click the link above to read our blog post to learn more about the differences between Xeomin and Botox.

Minimally invasive treatments and experienced, caring hands keep appointments at Sakura Skin quick and seamless with no downtime afterward.

Personal, precise, perfect for you

Xeomin can take years out of a complexion when it’s tailored to the individual. The best neurotoxin softens the lines you’d like to see less of, while working with your face’s unique anatomy for a more naturally replenished look.

Before we treat, we first want to understand where you’re coming from. That means learning about your routines, your complexion, and the greater goals you’ve set for your skin.

With your own goals in mind, we design a wrinkle treatment plan made to land that careful balance of refinement and character we call your “ideal dose.”

Sakura Skin is excited to announce
Xeomin $10/unit
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*Note – Conditions apply – NO Exceptions: Toxin: Xeomin only. *Minimum purchase: 30 units, all units injected at the same appointment. Areas available to be treated on “Tox” Day: forehead, 11’s, and crow’s feet only. $100 deposit is nonrefundable, appointment cannot be rescheduled. Remainder of purchase must be paid in cash, if not all units will be regular price. Tweaks are not included in this pricing. If you need a tweak, it is available between week 2 and 3 for $10/unit cash only.. Special pricing includes eligibility for Xeomin rewards of $50. If you are ineligible or do not sign up, $50 will be added to your final bill. No exceptions to above conditions