• When you start with a smaller amount of filler it allows the lip body to adapt to the filler, therefore your lips are not sausage-like or overfilled.
  • Due to the smaller amount of filler, the lips do not over-swell
  • This process allows for you to adjust to your new look!
  • The first appointment is to add all over subtle, natural looking volume - then after a few weeks if you want more filler - we can concentrate on the curves and fine details of your natural lip shape! We at Sakura Skin believe that less is more in creating gorgeous lips!
  • For some, it's about budget - baby lip injections "just a dab" in the lips goes a long way, for a subtle look that plumps up the lips.
  • These lip treatments start at $350*

*Note: Cost is dependent on formulation and amount injected.

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