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Opening Hours

FENTON - Mon/Tues 10-6; Sat 10-3; FLINT - Wed/Thurs 10-6. Other times available upon request.



We are moving – starting February 1, 2023 we will have 2 locations  – Fenton and Flint.

When booking appointments – please note if you are booking at Flint or Fenton location!

Current location: 13389 Pomona Drive, Fenton, MI. Starting 2/1/23 we will have a second location open at 2335 S. Linden Rd., Suite B, Flint, MI

Phone number will be the same for both locations (810) 394-2187.

We accept Care Credit, Cherry Financing, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Cash, and Credit Cards. To apply for Care Credit or Cherry Financing - See links on this page.

Care Credit: Prequalify - No Impact to Credit Bureau Score. Most patients qualify for 0% interest. See if you prequalify, then apply for a CareCredit credit card in a few clicks. Apply Now - Care Credit

Cherry Financing: Get Pre-Qualified for Payment Plan with Cherry Financing. Most patients qualify for 0% interest. How does Cherry work? Fill out our quick application to see what balance you're qualified for. The application takes less than a minute. I'll enter the treatment cost, and then you can choose one of the payment plans that works best for you. Application link:  Apply Now - Cherry Financing

Celebrating everyone’s natural beauty, and accentuating the positive beauty in each of us!

At Sakura Skin, it’s all quite simple – we strive to boost your confidence and help you look refreshed and rested! We use our knowledge, skills and experience to practice facial aesthetics in a manner that is safe, respectful and tasteful.

We want to work together to create natural, beautiful results that will not only lift your spirits but also enhance your appearance!

New wrinkle relaxer pricing as low as $9/unit!
Under 10 units = $150
11-29 units = $13/unit
30-39 units = $12/unit
40-49 units = $11.50/unit
50-59 units = $11.50/unit**
60-79 units = $11/unit**
80 units or more = $10/unit**
All units must be injected at same appointment, price subject to change without notice
**Xeomin over 50 units = $50 off total with Xeomin rewards



 YOU – only better! No one wants to look like they’ve had “work done”


We listen. We care. We work diligently to ensure everyone we treat radiates health, well-being, happiness, and a new level of confidence. Bottom line: You can trust us with your face.


We specialize in natural-looking treatments. Every face is different and requires a custom-made treatment plan.


We may say NO! Sakura Skin does not engage in high-pressure sales – we are here to provide you with treatments that will beautify your face – not just to make a sale!


The best treatments are those that make you look refreshed, happier, and youthful! Everyone has beauty within, we help to bring out your natural beauty!

So often, women take care of everyone else first – come and see us and do something for YOU! 


We will help you choose from a variety of treatments. We offer Botox, Dermal Fillers, PDO Threads, Microneedling, PRP/PRF, Hydrafacial, Teeth Whitening, All Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), and Vitamin Therapy.

From Botox To IV Therapy, We Provide Everything You Need To Look And Feel Your Best!


What are  YOU waiting for …

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Our location

Fenton - 13389 Pomona Drive
Flint - 2335 S. Linden Road, Suite B

hours - other times available by request

Mon / Tues / Thurs: 10am-6pm
Sat: 10am-3pm


Phone: 810-394-2187